Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Sure, this title is a shameless play on the Cyndi Lauper 80’s classic – Girls Just Want to Have Fun. But, what the hell, so be it.

Girls at times are a hoot to watch dancing in the clubs. Yes, they are sexy, slutty, sultry, etc., but they are also just plain FUN! I noticed a group of three girls dancing with themselves a few weeks ago and they were having a blast. It was reminiscent of kids playing just to play. You know, before kids try to be cool. There is a certain purity when we play for just play sake, or in this instance, dance for just dance sake.

Now, this may be reverse sexism, but this would have been just plain weird if it were a group of guys. Sorry, perhaps I am enlightened enough to appreciate the fact that guys can just ‘play’ also, but so be it. Guys dancing in a group to me equals weird, but something about a group of ladies just dancing and enjoying life so effortlessly, now that seems fun.

These three ladies were probably in their mid to late 20’s, they were dressed nice, and they all three had girl next door cute looks. They could easily been dancing with guys and in fact I did see a couple brave guys approach them (never an easy task when you have a group of gals), but they wanted to just dance (’play’) with each other.

These gals were teasing each other in fun ways, dancing weird at times (on purpose), just having a terrific time and enjoying each other. Clubs can be crazy and full of attitude, at times they are difficult to navigate. But, these three gals kept it pure. They kept it fun.

Girls just want to have fun!

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