The Club Rules

  • Rule # 1: Be yourself and have fun.
  • Rule # 2: Know what you want.
    • Boys – Define your target market.
    • Girls – Be true to what you want and go for it.
  • Rule # 3: Be in control.
    • Boys – Never finish after midnight what wasn’t started before midnight.
    • Girls – Never be someone’s second choice.
  • Rule # 4: Never cede your happiness to someone else.
  • Rule # 5: Know when to turn ‘gamer’ mode off.
  • Rule # 6: Honesty is (typically) the best policy.
    • Boys – Be truthful. You’re probably fine just as you are.
    • Girls – Don’t start what you cannot finish.

Alright, so in ‘the beginning’…

I sought out to capture rules for guys, boys club rules if you will. However, shortly into this endeavor I realized that surely women face the same set of circumstances (or similar) that guys do. Perhaps for me it is the thought of approaching the shy vixen at the end of the bar and for her it is how to fend off the overly aggressive drunk guy. Nevertheless, both sexes are navigating this same crazy scene and attempting to come out unscathed. I soon realized that both sexes follow the same principles (or at least should) but with slight variations between the sexes.

With that knowledge in hand I was fortuante to find the sultry Kimberly D. in the club one night. I know what you are thinking, but it was not that kind of hook up (well, not that I remember). What it was, was fortune smiling upon me and uptimately upon The Club Rules. Me being the ever alert social observer, I noticed Kimberly and marvelled at how efficiently she worked the crowd. I just knew that she was The One (sorry Keanu Reeves) to help me with The Rules from the female perspective.

So what we have are The Club Rules related through real stories – some we regret and some we don’t – told by Johnny Mac and Kimberly D.

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